Work out your Back for a fit Body

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Jun 01, 2011

Man doing execriseNew research on fitness basics suggest that working out the back of the body is most important for having a strong midsection. The authors of a new book, Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence, say that exercises such as curls, crunches and sit-ups are not as important as exercising the back for a fit body.


Our daily life involves sitting at desks, sitting in cars during traffic, and using the computer which give reasonably good exercise for abs and shoulders but the back remains without exercise most of the time. Eric Goodman, co-author of the book with Peter Park, have emphasised the importance of keeping the back strong in their work. They go on to suggest some convenient exercises that do not require machines.


These exercises are based on focusing on the back as the body’s centre of stability. The simple exercises include bending the knees over the ankles, postures which hinge the body from the hip joint, movements initiated in the pelvis, hip joints and hips. These give your back the much needed exercise that is not had even after regular gym workout.


The authors of the book do not advise their exercises as a substitute to regular yoga or gym but rather as a supplementary fitness program. If done properly, even 20 minutes of foundation exercises are enough, as it will be hard, said Goodman. He advised keeping a four to one ratio between exercises for the back and front part of the body and said that most people end up doing just the opposite.


The other author Park said that in general people merely reinforce their sedentary postures in the gym. Crunches, bench presses and bike riding do nothing to strengthen the foundation of your body, the back. He claimed that it is the missing link of fitness that people should pay attention to.



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