Women prefer Taller Men

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Sep 12, 2012

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Women prefer Taller Men

Not only taller guys are more confident about their looks or have better chances to become athletes, but also have all the luck when it comes to women.  Women prefer taller men, a new study by Polish anthropologist Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski has claimed.

When it comes to attracting a lady, a taller man wins the shorter counterpart. The study has found that the height of a man is the first consideration of a woman. If a couple approves of the difference of the height between them, then only they consider other factors, such as facial features, personality and body shape. [Read: Types of Men, Women find Undesirable]

While women find taller men more attractive, men prefer to look down on a lady. The researchers of the study have worked out an ideal ratio according to which a man should be 0.9 times taller than his ladylove, thus what we get is 1.09:1 ratio to express the difference between a man and a woman’s height. If a woman is 5ft 3inches, she will prefer a man who stands 5ft 9inches tall.

Now we know, why tall, dark and handsome win the race!


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