Why do Babies cry at Night?

It’s normal for babies to wake up once or more during nights and cry. If your wailing baby becomes inconsolable in the middle of the night, it is perhaps time to raise an alarm.

Gunjan Rastogi
Newborn CareWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Apr 25, 2013Updated at: Apr 25, 2013
Why do Babies cry at Night?

Why do Babies cry at Night

Spending sleepless nights with your crying baby in your arms? Most parents will reply in the affirmative because almost every baby wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying. Babies cry to communicate whatever they are going through. Some babies cry because they are hungry and need a bottle while some others want their wet diaper to be changed. Here is a list of common reasons as to why your little one wails in the night.


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Hunger Pangs

This is the first thought that crosses every parents’ mind when their baby cries. To prevent your baby from wailing when it’s hungry, learn the signs of hunger in your baby. The most common sign is the baby turning its head towards its side and putting a hand in the mouth. Hungry newborns start smacking their lips or fussing in a low volume.

Wants sleep

Your baby gets cranky if it is exhausted. It cannot ask you to be put to sleep and therefore, fusses and cries to catch your attention. There is an easy way out, put the baby to sleep as soon as you see it yawning. This way it will cry a lot less letting you have a sound sleep. Furthermore, this will also relieve gastric problems in the baby.


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Wants Cuddling

Babies love to be surrounded by known faces, especially parents. Babies remain at ease with parents around them. They like to hear their voices and can even recognise the smell of their parents. Your crying baby may be asking you to hold on to it or be cuddled for a while. Holding the baby for long may tire your arms. So, use a baby carrier and sling to keep it close to yourself.


Tummy troubles

Tummy troubles, such as gas or colic often result in an inconsolable baby.  Colic, in which the baby wails, cramps and moans frequently i.e. at least three hours a day / three days a week / three continuous weeks, is a rather mysterious situation, which can lead to lots of crying. Uncontrollable and frequent crying of a baby is usually associated with some sort of digestive discomfort.  You may comfort your child by moving its legs in a cycling motion or gently massage its feet and stomach.

Scared of the Dark

Your baby may cry because of darkness when it starts feeling afraid and cries to communicate the distress. Never leave it alone in the room. Light the bedside lamp if you must leave the room for a short while.


It’s normal for kids to wake up once or more often in the night and cry. Discover the possible causes to soothe their condition and take appropriate measures to put them back to sleep.



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