What Problems Form Barriers to Intimacy?

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Oct 10, 2011

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Marriage is easily one of the most complex relationships to deal with and it essentially thrives on the depth of intimacy you share with your partner. Sadly, intimacy can be affected by various reasons. However, most of these can be conquered with the help of correct understanding and a structured approach.


Understanding What Problems form Barriers to Intimacy


  • Incompatibility: Contrary to popular belief, incompatibility has little to do with sex. When two distinctly different individuals start living as a family, compatibility has to do with the ways of daily life. The more your lifestyles clash, the more is the degree of incompatibility. Therefore, to find out what problems form barriers to intimacy, check on the daily habits and practices of you and your spouse. In case they are poles apart, some sort of adjustment is warranted. Or else, getting intimate might be a problem. 
  • Clashing of Core Values: An individual is all about the values he carries. It concerns your moral ethics, ideal and standards. If there is a serious conflict in the value system, they might manifest in the form of compatibility issues. It is very important to reach an agreement with respect your beliefs and values so that there is a common system in place. This will help in eliminating intimacy barriers.
  • Past Guilt: Once you are married, pastry and make peace with any past guilt. When you carry a sense of guilt into your present, it often sabotages the present. The best thing to do is to deal with the past first and then proceed. Seek forgiveness and iron out issues before walking the aisle. Make sure you begin on a fresh note and strive towards an intimate relationship.

Finding answers to what problems form barriers to intimacy isn’t a difficult feat. All you need to do is to analyse the problems with great introspection, for seeking a solution.


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