What is the expected duration of Subdural Hematoma

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Feb 24, 2011
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  • The hemorrhage may develop over minute to hours.
  • It can cause severe brain injury and sometimes death.
  • Chronic subdural hemorrhage may take many days to weeks to develop.
  • Symptoms may be subtle and develop very slowly.


When a blood vessel near the surface of the brain bursts, subdural hematoma occurs. It happens when blood collects between the brain and its tough outer lining. The condition is also known as subdural hemorrhage.

The meninges is the three-layer protective covering of the brain, outermost layer of which is called the dura mater. When subdural hematoma occurs, blood collects immediately beneath the dura mater. Because it comptresses the brain, a subdural hematoma is a life-threatening problem.

Subdural Hematoma

Expected Duration of Subdural Hematoma

If a person is suffering from acute subdural hematoma, the hemorrhage may develop over minute to hours. Without prompt diagnosis and treatment, the condition can cause severe brain injury and sometimes death.

A chronic subdural hemorrhage may take many days to weeks to develop. The person and family may not be alarmed by the symptoms because they may subtle and develop very slowly.

Like any other brain injury, symptoms can take awhile to go away after treatment. However, some symptoms may be permanent.
Sometimes, the subdural hematoma may be so small that it doesn’t need a surgery to remove the blood. The body will gradually reabsorb the blood. This process may require a few months, but it is sometimes the safest treatment plan.

Call for emergency assistance if you find someone unconscious at an accident scene. Also seek immediate attention if someone with a head injury experiences drowsiness or a decrease in alertness, nausea or vomiting, confusion or amnesia, and difficulty walking or poor coordination. Even if a head injury appears minor, with mild symptoms, certain people are at high risk of serious bleeding.

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