What do you understand by Diabetes 101?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 01, 2011

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Diabetes 101 basically refers to the methodology to explain in-depth the numerous aspects of the disease—diabetes. This takes into account the following issues:

  • The type of diabetes—type 1 or type 2
  • The symptoms and signs of diabetes
  • Instruments to measure diabetes
  • Diet composition in case of diabetics
  • The reasons for diabetes
  • Insulin and the diabetes
  • Diabetes and its relation to surgery
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • The kind of exercise suited for various kinds of diabetes patients
  • The relation between weight and diabetes
  • Diabetes in children, youngsters, adults, women, men, elders

This study, thus, encapsulates all branches of study of diabetes.


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