What are the Causes of Head Lice?

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Dec 27, 2011

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What are the causes of head lice

Being infected with head lice is very common and there is no reliable data on the number of people who get head lice globally each year. Contact with a person who is infested with head lice is the most common way one gets head lice.

Head-to-head Contact


This is the most common way of spread and mostly occurs when children or family members play or interact closely together.


Sharing Personal Items


Although, less common, head lice can spread by the use of personal items such as caps, hats and scarves; brushes and combs; hair accessories such as hair clips and hair clutches and headphones.

Home Furnishings


Head lice can also be contracted albeit rarely by contact with contaminated bed sheets, linen, pillow, towels, blankets and upholstered furniture.

Head lice don’t fly or jump and are not transmitted by pets (as they need human blood to survive).


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