What causes Fear of Intimacy in a Relationship

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Apr 01, 2013

What causes Fear of Intimacy in a Relationship

Intimacy in itself does not cause fear but, the anticipation that it will not last long creates the actual problem. People often fear that they will be hurt if they get deeply involved with someone. Negative thoughts about the after affects of emotional attachment results in lack of emotional growth and finally fear of intimacy.

Causes of fear of intimacy in a relationship vary from person to person. Mostly it is caused by past experiences but there are many other contributing factors.


Fear of Rejection

Fear of losing the other person also contributes to lack of intimacy in a relationship. When a person thinks himself/ herself to be inferior and not up to mark for their significant other, anxiousness sets in and the person starts fearing rejection. Thus, it is the low self esteem that doesn’t let them make close ties with partner.


Poor Body Image

Fear of physical intimacy is common in people who have issues with some or the other part of their body. For some their butts size may not be up-to mark while the other may have issue with their breast and thighs. There are two ways of dealing with this problem either you do something about it or get victimised by your poor body image.


Negative Experiences

Past experiences always have an effect on the current relationship. Fear of intimacy can be traced back to upbringing of the person to a broken heart in the last intimate relationship. If a person is hurt in his/her previous relationship then it is difficult to start a new relationship. An emotionally hurt person is afraid of being in close ties and cannot easily confide on others.


Unresolved issues


Another reason for fear of intimacy is the unsolved issue of a relationship. One partner’s struggles to add intimate in relationship may make other feels suffocated. Fear of intimacy in a relationship can also stem out from fear of being over-flown in a relationship. Many people say that, a close intimate relationship will control them leading to losing their self-identity.

Irrespective of the kind of relationship every person needs his/her personal space. Make sure that you are not invading personal space of your partner.


Lack of Trust


When your partner is not trustworthy you will automatically fear in being intimate with him/her. Trust is an essential ingredient needed for an intimate relationship, then whether it is emotional, sexual or physical intimacy.


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