What are the causes of 'Brittle' Diabetes?

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Aug 24, 2011

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According to experts the risk of developing brittle diabetes is higher in people with psychological problems, such as stress and depression. Psychological problem probably leads to a tendency to neglect self-care for their diabetes (like they not eat healthy foods or may not take insulin regularly).


Some expert say that brittleness in most patients is related to a specific problem in life and when the situation resolves, so does the brittleness. In a study people with brittle diabetes were noted to have a higher hormonal response to stress as compared those whose diabetes was not brittle. This psychological-hormonal connection probably leads to development of brittle diabetes.


Poor control of blood sugar complicates worsens the metabolic balance which further worsens the underlying psychological problems - this becomes a vicious cycle.


Young overweight women are more likely to develop brittle diabetes. Most people with brittle diabetes are young (15 to 30 years of age). Rarely hyperglycemic brittleness may be caused by chronic cryptic infection. In some people rarely hypoglycemic brittleness may be caused by diabetic gastroparesis (a condition in which the stomach has a delay in emptying) or hypoglycemic unawareness (in this the patient is not able to sense a low blood sugar).


Dr Poonam Sachdeva, our in-house medical expert talks about the why what and how in diabetes.


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