Weekend Binge Sleeping May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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Jun 19, 2013

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Waking up early for work every day could be contributing to your type 2 diabetes risk, but sleeping in on the weekend might be a key component to your prevention strategy.

The research findings presented at The Endocrine Society's 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco revealed that some of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes can be relieved through ‘catch-up’ sleep. The symptoms of type 2 diabetes include changing blood sugar levels, insulin resistance and the body’s control of appetite which worsens by a lack of sleep. There have been several scientific evidences in the past to associate sleep deprivation and sleep apnoea with type 2 diabetes.

The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute study took 19 non-diabetic men with an average age of 28.6 years. The men averaged 6.2 hours of sleep per work night. But on the weekends they averaged 8.5 hours of sleep per night. They segregated these into three different groups of sleep duration over a three-day weekend: 10 hours, six hours and 10 hours in bed with noises played to weaken the quality of sleep received.

Blood tests were taken and it was found that the men who slept for 10 hours had lowered their risk for type 2 diabetes. Moreover, this group of men had better insulin sensitivity and a better insulin resistance test score than other two groups. The study showed that a healthy total number of hours of sleep per week can help prevent type 2 diabetes, even if the majority of nights offer below average hours of sleep.



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