World No Tobacco Day 2019: Ways to quit tobacco addiction

This World No-Tobacco Day witnessed a milestone in the journey of eradicating the evil. While the WHO climbs a notch higher in their effort to save lives, here is our bit to help.

Varsha Vats
Other DiseasesWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Jun 01, 2015
World No Tobacco Day 2019: Ways to quit tobacco addiction

World No Tobacco Day is an initiative by the World Health Organisation to make people aware of the health hazards of tobacco use. When it comes to quitting tobacco it seems like the toughest task. The addicts find it extremely difficult to cut the use of tobacco. Tobacco consumption is not just bad for your own health but it is equally harmful to the people around you. If you are one of those who are trying their best to quit tobacco, then here are a few steps which might help you. Read on to know some practical ways to quit tobacco. This No-tobacco day note down these points finally say goodbye to tobacco.

Write it down

On this world no-tobacco day, try to pen down reason(s) behind your desire to kick tobacco out of your life. Having those reasons in written somewhere will keep motivating you and will help you have clarity over your purpose, which will act as a major support in your days of struggle and make it easier to quit tobacco addicition.

Make commitment

Letting go of addiction needs an immensely strong personal commitment. If your purpose of saying `no-tobacco' is clear, you will surely get through the mental and physical cravings. Your purpose of quitting the addiction must be so clear that the loss your failure may cause should be a nightmare.

Notice physical changes

Tobacco acts like a poison in your body. Therefore, its ill-effects will be pretty evident. Tobacco consumption can cause tooth loss, gum problems, discolouring of teeth and many other side-effects. Notice these changes and make a pledge to have a tobacco free world.

Make note of relationship troubles

For some people, saying no to tobacco might be more important for their near ones than for themselves. Such people are more determined. So, notice all the relationship troubles tobacco has caused you. Making up for the damage will keep you more determined.

Have a concrete date

The more you delay, the costlier it gets. Have a concrete date in mind when you try to quit the addiction. The success rate of people who have a date and plan in mind is much higher. When you have a date set in your mind, it gives you time to prepare, both physically and mentally.

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