Ways to Charm a Woman on First Date

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Jul 12, 2011

A first date can often be the most trying situation for a man to impress the woman in question. Read on to know how you can floor your date and charm her with the best in you:

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• Be well-dressed. Most women like the neater look in men. Also keep in mind to dress according to the ambience and location chosen for the evening.
• Check yourself for body odour and bad breath.
• Pick your date up from her house if she agrees on it.
• Get talking. The best way to charm the girl is to let her do the talking. Ask her questions and make her feel comfortable with you.
• Maintain eye contact while you indulge in some gentle flirting.


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• Carry a gift along but make sure it is not blown out of proportion. You are yet to win her and gifts too expensive or exaggerated can make the woman uncomfortable.
• Be chivalrous and polite. Brushing up your manners for the evening can be a big charmer for the woman you are dating. Holding the door for her, pulling out the chair for her to sit or pick things up for her if she drops them is the key to charm her instantly.
• Being punctual is winning half the battle. Many men spoil their first dates by turning up late and keep the women waiting.
• Think of unusual dating ideas or places. However, if you are not that adventurous, go the traditional way but keep the spark alive with your conversations. The best dates happen because of some great conversations.
• A woman usually judges the man by analysing the way he talks to the people around him such as the waiter, the bell boy or the valet. Respect them and talk politely to them in the presence of your date.
• Drop her home or make sure she reaches home safely.

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