From the Lounge of Depression: Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

Low testosteron levels can create havoc for a man, from depression to low sex drive to the inability to rise during sex. Here are signs that will tell you that you have low testosterone levels.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Men's HealthWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Apr 14, 2014
From the Lounge of Depression: Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

Adequate amount of testosterone allows both men and women to improve their mental and physical well being. Testosterone is required to increase both muscle strength and the bone density and also helps to decrease the fat mass. Additionally it may also help to prevent chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and also increases libido and sex drive.

When a man is suffering from low testosterone it means that his T levels have fallen below the number 300 ng/dL approximately. Normal testosterone levels mean that it is somewhere between 300 to 1000 ng/dL. The brain and the testes work together in order to keep testosterone in this range. When your level of testosterone goes below the normal range the brain begins to signal the testes to make more. During the times of enough testosterone, the brain signals the testes to make them less. If you have less testosterone then it is very important that you get it treated, but first find out what are the warning signs of low testosterone. Low testosterone is medically known as hypogonadism.

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In simple terms this is defined as a sense of tiredness or lack of energy which is not the ordinary feeling of being tired. This is a lackluster feeling wherein you would not feel like getting up and doing anything whatsoever. You will not feel like playing with your children, you will not be interested in taking your wife out to dinner or even meeting your friends for that matter. The tired feeling is prevalent when you have low testosterone levels in your body.

Low Levels of Fluid

In your body about three parts work together to produce sperm containing fluid which is released when you ejaculate. The prostrate, the seminal vesicles and the testicles need good supply of testosterone to produce a normal ejulatory volume of about 1.5 to 5 cubic centimeters. If you have low testosterone levels then you will see a decline in this volume.

Erectile Dysfunction

A man gets an erection when the body releases a tiny molecule which is called nitric oxide. Then again testosterone is what a man requires to trigger this release and when there is not enough of this then you will notice that you are finding it hard to get an erection. There could be signs, one that erection is not possible and the other is that even when there is an erection it would not be strong enough for intercourse.

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Low Sex Drive

Have you ever felt like giving an invitation for sex a pass? If you are feeling this then your testosterone levels are low. Testosterone is what fuels a man’s desire to have sex. It is definitely true that men differ in how frequently they would like to have sex, but a man who is suffering from low levels of testosterone would be missing the need to have sex completely.

Reduced Muscle Mass

A man with good amounts of testosterone is a man who has enough muscle mass and is healthy basically. Low testosterone does not really make you a very weak person; it is just that you will often feel that you are not strong as you used to be. Some men can in fact notice their muscles shrinking from their arms and legs and chest. Furthermore, when they try to build muscle mass with weight lifting, it turns out to be very difficult.

Also, you will experience depression and mental decline and hence your world would seem topsy-turvy. To put in simple language, a man with low testosterone levels is a man who has everything going wrong. The trick is to lead a very healthy lifestyle.

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