A Walk in the Park Every Day Cuts Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women

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Oct 07, 2013
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  • Researchers examined more than 73,000 women past menopause.
  • Retrieved info about their medical, environmental and demographic factors.
  • Participants also reported on their physical activity and time spent sitting.
  • Those who walked seven hours or more a week reaped protective benefits.

Walking cuts breast cancer riskA habit of stroll in the park every day can help cut the risk of breast cancer. The study of more than 73,000 postmenopausal women found that walking at a moderate pace for an hour a day was associated with a 14 percent reduced breast cancer risk, compared to leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Breast cancer, the leading cancer among women, was found to have an impact of physical activity. Older women who exercised vigorously got even more protection, reducing the risk of breast cancer by 25 percent. Walk in the park is great news for women who aren't very athletic.

The team of researchers identified more than 73,000 women past menopause who were enrolled in an American Cancer Society study on cancer incidence.

Information about medical, environmental and demographic factors was retrieved at the start and repeated the reports every two years between 1997 and 2009. Moreover, the study participants also reported on their physical activity and time spent sitting, including watching television and reading.

The researchers compared the exercise habits of women who developed breast cancer and those who did not. About 9 percent never participated in physical activity, while about half reported walking as their sole activity. Those who walked seven hours or more a week reaped protective benefits compared to those who walked three hours or less a week.

The study was published online in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.



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