Vitamin E may Slow Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Jan 02, 2014

People with Alzheimer’s disease have got some good news here- a new study has suggested that a large daily dose of vitamin E can help slow the advancement of this memory-fleecing illness.

prevention of alzheimersAlzheimer's patients given a "pharmacological" dose of vitamin E experienced slower declines in thinking and memory and required less caregiver time than those taking a placebo, said Dr. Maurice Dysken, lead author of a new study published Dec. 31 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

"We found vitamin E significantly slowed the rate of progression versus placebo," said Dysken, who is with the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center of the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

However, the experts found that this intake of vitamin E cannot tackle the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s and is not a cure.

The researchers found vitamin E therapy to be safe, without any increased risk of illness or death. However, people should be careful as high doses of vitamin E can affect other medications,  said Heather Snyder, director of medical and scientific operations for the Alzheimer's Association.

"We know there might be some interactions with other medications that people might be taking, including blood thinners or cholesterol medications," Snyder said. That means that people who want to take vitamin E to treat Alzheimer's should do so under the supervision of their doctor, Dysken and Snyder said.

Snyder said the findings are "certainly positive enough to warrant further research," but she'd like to see the study replicated with another set of patients.

Source: HealthDay Reporter


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