Video Game can help Cure ‘Lazy Eye’ in Adults

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Apr 24, 2013

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video game can help cure lazy eye in adults

Researchers in Toronto have found the treatment for lazy eye in adults: a popular puzzle video game. The research team led by Dr Robert Hess from McGill University and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Canada examined the possibility of treating adults with amblyopica with the help of the video game Tetris, which involves connecting blocks of different shapes as they fall to the ground.

It was found that by distributing information between the two eyes in a complementary fashion, both the eyes can be trained to work together. Alleviating suppression of the weaker eye by forcing both eyes to cooperate, increases the level of plasticity in the brain and allows amblyopic brain to relearn.

Amblyopia is caused by poor processing in the brain, resulting in the suppression of the weaker eye by the stronger eye. Earlier treatments for the disorder that focused largely on covering the stronger eye to force the weaker eye to work have been proven only partially successful in children and have been ineffective in adults.

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