Upbeat Music can Lift Mood

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May 16, 2013

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Upbeat Music can Lift Mood

A research panel at the University of Missouri have found that an individual can successfully try to be happier, especially when he is listening to cheery music. The lead author who performed the study while she was an MU doctoral student in psychological science, Yuna Ferguson, said that our work provides support for what many people already do listen to music to improve their moods.

In two studies, participants successfully improved their moods in the short term and boosted their overall happiness over a two-week period. During the first study, participants improved their mood after being instructed to attempt to do so, but only if they listened to the upbeat music of Copland, as opposed to the more somber Stravinsky. Other participants, who simply listened to the music without attempting to change their mood, also didn’t report a change in happiness.

In the second study, participants reported higher levels of happiness after two weeks of lab sessions in which they listened to positive music while trying to feel happier.

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