5 Unexpected Things that are Destroying your Lips

Your lips tend to look rough, dull and darker when you fail to take care of them. But, you can also damage your lips doing everyday activities that you’d never expect can cause your lips to tire down. Learn how you may be harming your lips a

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Skin CareWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Oct 02, 2018
5 Unexpected Things that are Destroying your Lips

You love your lips but your lifestyle often takes a toll on them. What is worse is that you do not even realise it. You often only notice your lips looking rough and bad and fail to understand the reasons behind it. There could be something that you are doing in your daily routine that is hurting your lips. Well, it is possible. Here are some surprising ways by which you may be causing harm to your beautiful pout.


Your lips need moisture to be healthy and to look good. If you let your lips go dry frequently, you are bound to harm them. You need to keep them hydrated inside out with the help of fluids and moisturising balms. However, make sure that whatever you apply on the lips has more of natural moisture to offer and less of chemical harshness. Moist lips always look better and prevent some of the most lip troubles.

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Sticky stick

Women love their lipsticks, but the sticky waxy sticks can damage them. Instead of using waxy lipsticks, use gentle lip colours that come in the form of balms. That way, you will be able to minimize damage to your lips and still carry a chic look. Moreover, lip balms also offer much-needed moisture to your lips. Reapply lip balm to maintain the look and keep your lips moist.


Nobody needs to remind you that smoking destroys lips like nothing else. Just kick the butt sooner if you want to stop hurting your overall health. Smoking tends to dehydrate and thereby, darken lips. There is no substitute to quitting smoking if you want healthy lips.

Dead skin

When you forget to exfoliate dead skin off your lips, you allow them to bear damage. If you want the perfect pout, you must frequently exfoliate them. Once you remove the dead skin, remember to brush away any scaly patches with a soft-bristle toothbrush and apply a coat of a nice moisturising balm or coconut oil.

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Just how sun can damage your skin and eyes, it can damage your lips too. So, why not apply some SPF on your lips? Buy a lip cream that contains a broad-spectrum SPF (at least SPF 15). Apply the balm frequently throughout the day to keep your lips moisturised as well as protected from the sun.

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