Type 2 Diabetes Reduces Brain Functioning

By  , Agency News
Aug 29, 2013

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  • Study examined 880 people aged between 70 and 90.
  • People who developed type 2 diabetes experienced a greater decline in brain performance.
  • Prevent getting diabetes to halt cognitive decline.

Brain function in diabetesSydney Memory and Ageing Study in the latest finding revealed that older people who developed the disease experienced a greater decline in brain performance than those without the condition.

In the two-year research which had 880 people aged between 70 and 90 also found maintaining stable blood sugars reduces the risk. According to study’s lead author, it's not necessarily related to a duration effect of diabetes.

Even if you've reached your mid 70s or early 80s and you haven't got diabetes, if you're pre-diabetec, you probably should be doing everything to prevent getting diabetes because we think that that may actually halt that cognitive decline that we are seeing.

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