Traumatic Events in Life can lead to Anxiety and Depression

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Oct 18, 2013

A recent study has found that a person who has experienced traumatic events in life is likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. But, how a person deals with the stressful events determine the stress levels that they face.

DepressionThe psychologists of the study, which was conducted in the University of Liverpool, analysed responses of over 32,000 participants who were aged between 18-85 years and had completed the BBC’s stress test i.e. an online survey that gave the freedom to explore the various causes and consequences of stress. The test asked the participants a variety of questions about history of mental health problems in their family, income and education levels, life events, social circumstances and relationship status.

The test further asked them about how they responded to different stressful situations like how they talked to their friends about their problems, if they took to alcohol to reduce their levels of stress or if they blame themselves for their state of mind.

When the results were analysed it was found that traumatic events of life happened to be the single most determinant of depression and anxiety followed by a history of mental health issues in the family followed by income as well as education levels.


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