Total Darkness can Cure Lazy Eye

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 16, 2013

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Total Darkness can cure Lazy Eye

A recent study has found that a spell of total darkness can help cure lazy eye, which is a very common condition in children.

Also known as amblyopia, lazy eye is a vision impairment in which one eye has a weaker vision than the other and causes blurriness.

It mostly happens when the part of the brain which is responsible for interpreting signals from one does not function properly. This condition is often treated with placing an eye patch over the good eye to force the other one.

A research conducted by the Canadian researchers has revealed that a spell of total darkness can cure the disorder.

The researchers put kittens with lazy eye into complete darkness for 10 days and found they recovered.

But the researchers cautioned that although darkness therapy is a possible cure for children with amblyopia, but it still should not be tried at home without addressing the genuine cause of amblyopia and also ensuring that darkness will not harm the good eye.



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