Tool to help Hearing Impaired Talk

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Jul 13, 2012

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Tool to help Hearing Impaired Talk A Ukrainian team of inventors has recently developed a state-of-the-art glove called Enable-Talk, which is capable of converting sign language into spoken words. The newly developed device is a boon to millions of people with speech and hearing impairment, significantly diminishing the communication problems they face every day.


The super glove is a network of sensors that can read hand movements and accordingly translate them into signs that are further converted into spoken language by a Smartphone app.


Enable-Talk includes flex sensors, touch sensors, gyroscops and accelerometers. It also has solar cells installed for better functioning. It lets the user plan and create specific signs that the app recognises afterwards.


Although, it is still in its basic stage of development, it has already gained popularity and admiration. The Ukrainian team that invented the ultramodern Enable-Talk has already received an award at the recent Microsoft Imagine Cup in Australia that obliges all technical innovations around the world.


The inventors of the special sensory glove are confident about developing a product that will minimise difficulties faced by people with speaking disabilities by giving a voice to sign language.



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