Risk Of A Caesarean Delivery In Expecting Mothers: Expert Weighs In The Tips To Reduce It

Several evidence-based strategies aimed at hospitals and doctors can aid in the reduction of C-sections in low-risk women.

Sambhav Kumar
Written by: Sambhav KumarUpdated at: Apr 28, 2023 09:56 IST
Risk Of A Caesarean Delivery In Expecting Mothers: Expert Weighs In The Tips To Reduce It

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For moms, the road to motherhood is filled with wonder, anticipation, and even apprehension. While vaginal birth is the most usual way of delivery, circumstances may necessitate a different strategy. This is where a Caesarean section, sometimes known as a C-section, comes into play. A C-section is a medical operation in which the baby is delivered through an incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus. 

Caesarean sections, or C-sections can save the lives of women who are at a higher risk of complications during their deliveries. C-sections can also help newborns avoid injury and death.

C-sections have been associated with an increased risk of infections and blood clots, and many women who are not at heightened risk for delivery problems have unnecessary C-sections. A number of evidence-based measures directed at hospitals and doctors can help reduce C-sections in low-risk women.

In an interaction with OnlyMyHealth, Shweta Wazir Consultant – Obstetrics and Gynecology, Motherhood Hospital, Gurugram shares some tips for expectant mothers to reduce the instances of Caesarean Deliveries

1. Choose Your Doctor Wisely

Some doctors prefer C-Sections. So, you need to choose the gynecologist with a low C-Section rate. Find a doctor you can trust and who will give you sound advice on all of your concerns. Make certain that the doctor has prior experience with vaginal delivery.

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2. Learn More About Labor and Birth

Taking a class, talking to others who have been there, and reading good books are all important steps in your quest for the right birth for you. By learning about the labour, you will be more relaxed and at ease with your surroundings and the birth process. You will also learn about birth plans and how to properly express your birth preferences to your doctor.  

3. Maintain a Stress-Free Environment

At the time of delivery, every woman experiences stress. Stress causes sleepless nights and discomfort, which can lead to a C-section. During your pregnancy, try to remain as calm as possible. Meditating and listening to music will greatly assist you.

4. Avoid Labour Induction

The use of medicines or other means to start (induce) labour is known as labour induction. Caesarean section rates may rise if labour is induced. This is especially true if you have never previously given birth. The condition of your cervix, or how prepared it is to give birth, will also influence whether or not your induction results in a caesarean section. Learn about alternatives to labour induction as well as the various types of induction. Another point to consider is social or voluntary induction. These inductions are performed to accommodate your or your doctor's or midwife's schedule. If your induction is for medical reasons, consult with your practitioner about the best type of induction for you.

5. Keep yourself Active

As per Dr Wazir, activities like swimming, walking, and yoga will help you improve your breathing rate and provide enough oxygen to the foetus, allowing you to avoid a C-section. Consult your doctor before taking up any activity.

6. Eat Nutritious Food

Eating healthy food is always beneficial to both your baby and yourself. It feeds you and your child and ensures a healthy delivery. Consume nutritious, iron-rich foods and ensure you are taking vitamins and other medication prescribed by your doctor on time.

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7. Ensure Healthy Weight Gain

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, but choosing high and unhealthy fat is bad for a pregnant woman because it causes difficulty moving around and may eventually lead to a C-Section.

8. Take Help of a Professional Birth Doula

The job of a doula is to comfort and support you during labour. That extra encouragement can be so reassuring and relieving that it can reduce the likelihood of a C-section by up to 25%.

Sometimes there is nothing that can be done to avoid a caesarean section. If you can't avoid a C-section, embrace the experience.