Follow These 5 Important Tips To Prevent Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a rare type of cancer that has many causes. Here are some tips that can help in preventing it. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jan 13, 2022Updated at: Jan 13, 2022
Follow These 5 Important Tips To Prevent Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a rare kind of cancer that develops when cancer cells in the bone begin to grow uncontrollably. Bone cancer can start growing in any bone in the body, but it mostly has an impact on the pelvis or the long bones in the arms and legs. Bone cancer is extremely uncommon, comprising of less than 1 percent of all the cancers. Moreover, noncancerous bone cancers are seen much more in people than the cancerous tumors. Some types of bone cancer occur primarily in children, while others affect mostly adults. The most common treatment method for bin cancer is surgical removal. However, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can also prove to be useful. Keep reading to know about some tips to prevent bone cancer. 

Tips to prevent bone cancer

The factors behind most bone cancers are not known. Some cases of bone cancers have been linked to hereditary reasons, while others are related to any previous radiation treatment. There are no specific and ways that have been known yet to prevent bone cancer. However, the following tips can help in keeping your bones healthy and cancer free: 

1. Avoid smoking 


People who smoke cigarettes increase their risk of developing certain types of cancers, including the blood, immune system, and bone marrow, according to a new research. A healthy lifestyle is one of the major elements to keep many cancers away. Smoking is surely a no no to live a happy, healthy and cancer free life. 

2. Healthy diet 

Taking a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is important to have an optimum body weight. This can help in preventing some types of cancers and fighting some unnecessary complications. Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and maintain a healthy weight. Along with a healthy diet, avoid the consumption of processed meats and packaged foods. These habits can help in reducing the risk certain types of cancer. 

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3. Limit alcohol

High alcohol content can increase the risk of certain types of cancer. However, moderate drinking is an option that can reduce the risk. Long term alcohol intake or heavy drinkers should get checked regularly as it can put you at a higher risk of many kinds of cancer. You can talk to your doctor about the amount of daily alcohol consumption that can be allowed in individuals. 

4. Exercise 


Daily physical activity can help in improving bone health and keeping the overall body healthy. If you exercise daily, it can prove to be effective in preventing and treating many chronic diseases. It helps in improving the  body's circulation and keeping many diseases at bay. There are certain exercises and yogasanas that promote bone health. 

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5. Get checked regularly 

Early detection of cancer is a key factor for effective prevention and treatment before metastasis. Talking to your doctor for screening and diagnosis before the growth of a more severe stage is also important. If a person gets diagnosed with osteoporosis, then complete evaluation is required for any secondary causes of the diseases. And, it is also essential to be aware about your own bone health so that a bone disease can be prevented to keep severe complications at bay in the future. 

The above listed tips can help in the prevention of bone cancer. Although, if the cause is hereditary, it is best to talk to your doctor about further treatment. Early diagnosis is one of the best ways to for the successful treatment of bone cancer. It is an uncommon type of cancer and consult your doctor regularly. In fact, bone cancer is much more easier to treat in otherwise healthy people.

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