5 Tips To Bridge Generation Gap Between Between Parents and Children

If you are experiencing a generation gap between you and your children, here are some tips to bridge it.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 04, 2022Updated at: Sep 04, 2022
5 Tips To Bridge Generation Gap Between Between Parents and Children

Times change everything. As we age, a lot of changes occur from looks to personalities to perception. This applies to everyone from young adults to elders. This causes a gap in different generations of people. For example, your grandparents might not be okay with you partying till late at night, or you not okay with their rules of living. In some cases, there is a huge gap between parents and children which increases over time affecting their relationship. This gap between two generations is called generation gap. Parents are unable to understand their children which increases the gap. There can be less understanding, less toleration, an absence of open-mindedness and much more. It is very important for parents to grow and learn with time. Mending this generation gap is easy if there is a will to do it.

Keep an open mind 

Do not judge your kid for everything. Learn to be open-minded and open to new standards of living. You should tell kids about your idea of living but do expect or impose the same on your kids. Listen to what they say, understand and then react. Kids these days get irritated easily after hearing those repetitive lines on how you used to lead life. So, you should listen and understand the child's point of view with an open mind without forming a judgement in advance.

Talk to them

There are some issues and topics that children are not comfortable sharing with their parents. Some things are put in their head by you in advance which is why they fear coming to you for help. This could be related to studies, dating, love marriage or anything else. In such a situation, your child would go to someone else for help who might or might not give the right advice.

Tips To Bridge Generation Gap

Therefore, you need to build that trustful bond with your child so that they come to you for any kind of help. This can only be done through frequent talking. Be open to all kinds of discussions and this will help mend all the differences between you two.

Be a listening ear

If your child makes a mistake or fails a test, do not scold them. Instead, talk to them about why this happened. Let them explain and listen to everything patiently. It is very important to just listen and not speak sometimes. 

Try to understand

Understanding is very important for any relationship to flourish. If you don’t understand what your child wants or what he is going through, sorry but you are not a good parent. Instead of presenting your example every time, motivate him to set examples by excelling in life. Sometimes, they just need you to understand them and stand beside them. It is okay to sometimes let them do what they want to do.

Tips To Bridge Generation Gap

Love them without conditions

One way to tell your love and care for your child is by showing. This makes your child feel cared for, loved and safe. Spend some time with your children and shower them with love from time to time. Pamper them but within limits.

You should use all these tips so that there can be more openness between your child and you.

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