Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

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Jan 18, 2013

“Prevention is better than baldness” because there is no permanent cure for alopecia. So minimize your chances (if they are not genetic in nature) of hair loss by following these guidelines.

  • Identify the type of hair loss: The first and foremost step to prevent hair fall is to identify the reason behind it, such as is the hair loss sudden or has it been happening over a period of time. Knowing the reason can be critical in preventing and stopping of hair loss. Notice if you have tried something new with your hair - some new treatment, hair care products etc, might be the cause.
  • If hair loss is heredity or what is known as androgenetic alopecia there is no known cure, though over the counter options of Minoxidil and Propecia may offer some hope.
  • Poor nutrition and diet: Nutritional deficiencies or an imbalanced diet contributes to increased hair fall as lack of protein, iron and calcium weakens hair shafts causing breakage and slow growth. A healthy diet consisting of all the minerals and vitamins contributes to your health and healthy head of hair.
  • Mental and physical stress: Reduce both kinds of stress for overall good health and lush tresses. Mental stress can be depression, anxiety and worry all which leads to hampering bodily functions. Physical stress can be crash diets, illness and surgery which are exhaustive in nature; it tires you out both emotionally and physically.

Most common type of stress-induced hair loss is telogen effluvium which is triggered due to physiologic stress or hormonal change causing a large number of hair strands to enter telogen at one time. The hair grows back when the emotional or physical stress is resolved, although it can take months.

  • Medication effects: Certain illnesses such as thyroid problems, diabetes and depression can lead to hair loss and what is worse is certain medication for these illnesses can have side effects in form of hair fall. Drug induced hair loss can happen with commonly prescribed prescription drugs causing temporary hair loss, onset of pattern baldness and even permanent hair loss. Talk to your doctor and discuss the side effects or substitutes for the drugs.
  • Hair care: Taking good care of your hair and not abusing it for fashion sake can save your hair from falling. Avoid harsh chemicals and hair styling which can put lot of stress on your hair. Permanent hair colours, perms and tying up your hair include stretching, changing the hair bonds, which if done often can lead to hair fall. Traction alopecia is one such baldness which is caused by localized trauma to the hair follicles which happens due to the process of hairstyling- stretching and pulling. Tight ponytails, braiding and extensions put (out) stress on hair follicles and are the common causes of this baldness. If detected early, hair can grow again.


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