Tips On How To Fix And Reuse Broken Makeup

People should not keep buying expensive makeup items all the time and repair the damaged ones yourself. We have some tips on how to fix broken makeup.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Oct 06, 2020 16:38 IST
Tips On How To Fix And Reuse Broken Makeup

Alright, we can't deny the fact that the lockdown in 2020 made many talents come out on social media with things that can be very helpful for you in real life. And that includes a lot of Instagramers and influencers who didn't even know they had a knack for something like dancing, cooking or getting brushed up with makeup. Let's address the elephant in the room and agree that it was the perfect opportunity explore your skills and try out new things. Well, some focused on skin care and self-pampering, some people took out solutions and home remedies for a lot of things. That includes fixing and reusing damaged makeup too. In fact, many bloggers share DIY videos about ways to fix broken makeup. There are people who have small kids who 

Broken makeup tips 

You don't buy makeup items like compact, concealer eyeshadow kit, etc everyday. It can be pretty expensive. So, here are some tips to reuse broken makeup: 

1. Powder makeup 

Powdered makeup items can break easily but are the most tough to revive. Products like face powders, shadow palettes blushes, and highlighters tend to break due to various reasons like weather and transportation. Here are some ways to repair them: 

  • Scrape all the powder and put it in a small bowl. Press and squeeze all the big chunks with the help of a spoon and only powder should be left. Add a few drops of water and mix it well. Compress it into a new container in which you want it. To stick the powder together again, put pressure on it with the help of a towel. Tada! Your makeup powder is brand new now. 
  • Another way that is very helpful is if you use alcohol in the process. Take a bowl and put all the broken makeup into it. Post that, take 2-3 spoons of alcohol and pour it in the powder. Mix it properly. Put it back into a new container, it will stick and get hard with alcohol as the agent. 


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2. Broken lipstick 

Lipsticks are very precious for many people. In fact, some women consider it as a basic necessity like face wash and don't count it as makeup. Lipstick is the cherry on top, when you apply makeup on your face. Here are some ways to repair lipsticks: 

  • Firstly, take a paper and lay down the broken lipstick along with the cover. Now, grab a lighter and light it about 2-3 inches away from the broken part of the lipstick. After a minute, it will start warming up and and the ends will melt a little. Reconnect the broken piece to the base quickly. Hold it for about a minute and put it in the fridge for a day. Your lipstick is fixed and ready to apply. 
  • Using this way, you can even create a new lip balm or a new shade of lipstick. Take your crushed lipstick and put it in a s bowl. Squish it properly. You can then add a lip balm or another shade too. Put a spoon over a lighter and melt it to make a smooth paste. Convert it into a new container and let it get hard. Your new life of lipshade/balm is ready


3. Other makeup items

There are other makeup items such as mascara and eyeliner that get damaged easily. They can also be easily repaired at home. Many people prefer reviving them at home instead of buying new ones immediately. 

1# Gel eyeliner 

If your gel eyeliner gets ruined due to cracking, you can microwave it for 15 second and it will be new as ever. The heat will soften the eyeliner so that you can flaunt that wing once again! 

2# Mascara

Interestingly, a masacara can also be fixed at home. This DIY includes the use of eye drops as a way to fix the product. If your mascara dries out, you can add eye drops  and it will be new as ever.  

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So, these were some ways to fix broken makeup. For many people, it's difficult to survive with out makeup. And, it is not an easy task to go back and forth selecting makeup products. If you can easily take home alternatives to repair and reuse makeup products, then why not, right? 

(Written By Navya Kharbanda)

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