Know the Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy with Our Tips to Prenatal Yoga

Know how to maintain your pregnancy fitness with Ujjayi Breathing and tips on performing other Yogic poses throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Vatsal Anand
PregnancyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 15, 2018
Know the Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy with Our Tips to Prenatal Yoga

The popularity of prenatal yoga has grown because of the great benefits that it has to offer for pregnant women and the baby. The benefits they pose are toning of muscles, balancing of blood circulation, regulation of metabolism and are a great way to relax. It is the ideal way of not only staying in shape but learning to hold your nerve throughout the journey.

Prenatal Yoga Tip: Ujjayi Breathing

  • Inhale and exhale through your mouth a few times. While exhaling, tone the back of the throat to constrict the passage of some air. Feel as though you were fogging glasses
  • After you are comfortable with toning the throat with exhales, try doing it with inhales too. That will create a distinct sound. Practice and master toning of throats with both inhales and exhales
  • If you are able to control both the inhales and exhales, the next step is to do the same while breathing through nose and the mouth close. There will still be the distinct sound, although a little muffled due to the closed mouth
  • Learn to inhale completely to fill the lungs and exhale till the stomach cramps a bit

This is one of the first yogic techniques that you learn in Yoga classes for Pregnancy fitness. Breathing fully is directly linked to deep relaxation and furthers the cause of well-being. This is essential when it comes to meeting the physical demands of labour and delivery. Emotional balance can also be achieved with this breathing practice.

Prenatal Yoga Tips

  • Even if you are in the first trimester, drink a lot of water when performing yoga poses. This need to be done before, after and during the performance of yogic poses. This is important to keep the body hydrated
  • Do not take any pain or discomfort lightly while performing the yogic poses. Make slight modifications or ask your instructor to recommend a different pose
  • In the second trimester, do not perform the poses that strain your joints for long. You can gradually reduce the time for holding the pose as now your joints are loosening up
  • Take care to be gentle when performing the yoga poses in the second trimester and use props and other supports to help you in performing the different poses
  • When in third trimester, your belly is so grown that it is advisable to stick to only Ujjayi or other gentle breathing practices. Yogic poses can also be performed with caution. You can rest yourself to the wall or use a chair for support when performing the poses

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