Thinking of Food and Making Excuses about them Make us eat More

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Nov 23, 2013

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thinking of food makes us eat moreAnalysing about 50 studies it has been found that thinking too much about food before eating could undermine people’s dieting goals. Jessie De Witt Huberts of Utrecht University says that we are expert rationalizers when it comes to finding a reason to eat more.

People seem to be quite creative when coming up with such reasons, thereby asserting that they can in fact justify having a slice of cake on account that it has been a hard day. They could also give reasons like, they will exercise tomorrow, this is a special occasion, or that it is impolite to refuse such an offer. Jessie De Huberts said that these justifications become a slippery slope and your once strict rules on diet would now become futile.

Many researchers have shown that such justification can even come after you perform well on a task or even from doing good for others. Several studies have shown that people who receive positive feedback on a task were expected to choose an unhealthy versus a healthy option.

So, now you could stop providing excuses for your over indulgence on the wrong kind of foods.

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