Think You Don’t Need A Vaginal Wash? Here’s What You Must Know Before You Make A Decision

Vaginal douches are meant to clean the vagina internally while vaginal washes are meant to clean the vagina externally.

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Women's HealthWritten by: Partner ContentPublished at: Sep 30, 2020Updated at: Sep 30, 2020
Think You Don’t Need A Vaginal Wash? Here’s What You Must Know Before You Make A Decision

First things first, let’s get this straight; intimate hygiene is a must for every woman – be it a mom, a teenager, an expecting woman, or your grandmother. While the vagina is endowed with natural mechanisms to prevent infections, this sensitive part needs extra, special care. The vagina naturally produces a discharge and fine tunes its pH and flora to stay clean. However, the area around the vagina needs a little more help staying clean.

There is a difference between washing the insides of your vagina (part of our reproductive system that leads the way to the uterus) and washing your vagina from the outside (the external sex organs around the vagina, known as the vulva). Likewise, the products for cleaning the vagina also differ. 

Aren’t Soaps and Scrubs Enough to Clean Your Vagina?

Imagine setting up a dinner table to near perfection, and suddenly someone pulls off the tablecloth and ruins the entire meticulous setting. That’s what happens to the vagina when you do not use the right product to clean it; it disturbs the delicate vaginal pH balance that hooks on the right balance of the good and bad bacteria. The cleaning products you use for your skin and hair have a different pH from your vagina and, if used for cleaning the vagina, can potentially ruin the vagina's sensitive self-protected environment. But, you cannot ignore the nasty deposits of discharges and the occasional foul odor from the vagina, which is why you need a cleaning agent specifically designed for the vagina, i.e., a vaginal wash.


Natural vaginal washes like the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash have the power of natural herbs and are clinically formulated for an ultra-gentle cleaning experience. It’s because of such properties that vaginal washes have actually landed on the gynecologists’ recommended list of products for vaginal hygiene. If you ignore the safety and benefits of a vaginal wash, you are ignoring your vaginal hygiene. Here’s why you shouldn’t be skeptical about using a vaginal wash anymore:

  • Protects your vagina: Doctors always emphasize and advise keeping your vagina clean and dry free from discharges and odors. However, cleaning the area of your vagina isn't about lathering up some soap or using a tissue soaked in water. Sensitive products like the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash protect the vagina from the irritating itches, burns, and unpleasant odor with the help of its natural and mild formulation. While it does the cleaning, it also maintains the friendly flora and pH of the vagina.
  • Gives your vagina a boost of freshness: If your vagina stays smelly or damp throughout the day, it just becomes a total buzzkill and ruins your day by keeping you forever uncomfortable. Everteen intimate wash freshens up the vagina, subtly constricts the blood vessels, and provides moisture and hygiene to the vagina, all with the power of its natural ingredients. It gives your vagina the freshness it deserves and keeps your mood light and fresh.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Everteen intimate wash is a 100% natural product, which is packed with nature’s best ingredients like sphatika, Butea frondosa, Aloe vera, and Ficus glomerata. It is formulated without chemicals or surfactants like sodium lauryl ether sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate that can harm the vagina, making it safe for all women.

Infection fighter:

The ingredients of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash are not just natural and mild, they are also mighty in fighting against many bacteria and fungi that may cause infections. The wash even stops the growth of E.coli bacteria, the bacteria that cause infections like bacterial vaginosis. The natural ingredients in the wash lend their protective cleansing properties to the wash and show the following effects that help fight infections and odor:

  • Butea frondosa: A broad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial agent, Butea frondosa acts as a shield against many fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory effect and moisturizes the vagina. It even improves the cell generation in the vaginal tissues.
  • Sphatika: Sphatika gives a freshening and soothing effect to the vagina. It even constricts the blood vessels of the vagina, making it firmer.
  • Ficus glomerata: Ficus stops the growth of E.coli and protects the vagina from infections.


If you're still doubtful about using a vaginal wash for your daily vaginal hygiene, don’t step back. Go ahead and try Everteen Natural Intimate Wash so that your first experience of using a vaginal wash is the best experience you have.

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