Talking Cigarette Packs May Help Smokers Quit

By  , Agency News
Jul 02, 2013

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A packet of cigarettes

Cigarette packets that play recorded messages urging smokers to quit have been created by researchers at Stirling University's Center for Tobacco Control Research in the UK. To encourage people to quit smoking, they have created two talking cigarette packets with different messages. The technology behind the recorded messages is similar to the one used in singing birthday cards where a message plays when the lid is opened.

These packets play audio clips giving warning messages about the dangers of smoking when they are opened. The audio clip warns users of the link between smoking and fertility as well as a helpline number to help quit.

They are said to have worked well during tests carried out on a group of women aged 16 to 24. The study is set to continue, with tests on bigger groups of males and females, aged 16 and over, about to begin.



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