Taking Care of Newborn Babies

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May 24, 2011

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A baby’s hands and feet need care and attention too. Starting from keeping their hands and feet warm yet comfortable, to caring for their nails.


Teething is a natural process marked by the appearance of the baby’s first teeth. The first emergence of teeth can indeed make your baby look adorable but the process is painful for your baby as the gums become tender and sore making your baby crankier than usual.


Many parents are of the opinion that a baby does not need any teeth care or hygiene to be maintained as primary or ‘baby’ teeth are temporary and will fall off, being replaced by permanent teeth.


Shopping for your baby is an endless ‘Alice in wonderland’ experience. You do not know where to begin from, what to choose and exactly how to end you’re shopping for your baby’s wardrobe.


Having a baby not only brings cheer and happiness but sleepless nights and frequent diaper changes get included in your daily schedule too! A baby may need six to ten diaper changes in a day which means practice in diapering for a new parent.


Massages are also a way of touch therapy and an effective way of bonding between parents and a newborn.


Injuries and accidents can happen even to the safest person. A child being naturally curious and explorative in nature is more prone to injuries.


Babies and crying are kind of synonymous to each other but a colicky baby is different. Colic is neither a disease nor is it serious but is actually a common phase in certain newborns which can be difficult for the baby as well as the parents.


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