Symptoms of Uncontrolled Diabetes

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Jan 18, 2012

Symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder that causes an overload of glucose or sugar in your bloodstream. Without proper treatment for controlling diabetes, high blood glucose levels cause a lot of serious complications.


Excess Urination and Thirst

In order to get rid of the sugar in your body, the kidneys constantly flush out bodily fluids leading to excessive urination. This results in dehydration of your body, marked by unquenchable thirst and considerable weight loss.



High blood sugar levels cause regular headaches and also pain and tingling sensation in the patient’s feet. Overload of glucose in your body also leads to lack of sensation with a numb feeling in the feet.


Effects to the Brain

Over intake of sugar would make a person drowsy and lethargic. It does not make their task which involves concentration any easier. This is likely to result in bad performance at work or school.


Problems in Sight

Since high glucose results in dehydration, it can affect the eyes. They lead to drying of lenses and blurred vision. If diabetes is left untreated, this can even lead to blindness.



The immune system takes a beating due to high level of glucose in the body. Some infections that can affect a diabetic are gums, boils, urinary tract infection and yeast infection, besides the usual flu and colds. The ability of the body to heal sores and wounds also take a beating.

Damage of the nerves


Uncontrolled diabetes increases the risk of damage to the nerves which can cause permanent problems in many limbs. It would start from tingling sensation in the feet and spread to other body parts gradually. Damage to the kidney and eyes are also possible because of certain nerves that are likely to be damaged because of the disease. Complete failure of kidney is also a possibility. Heart disease also occurs quite often to diabetics, even when they are very particular in taking care of their health from its hazards.


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