Symptoms of Flaky Scalp

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Jan 21, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • The most common symptom of flaky scalp is dead skin.
  • A feeling of tightness in the scalp is also a symptom of flaky scalp.
  • Dry scalp may be a symbol of flaky scalp, most likely due to lack of water supply.
  • If you have a flaky scalp, you also probably have dull hair.

woman brushing flakes off her shoulderThere are numerous causes of flaking scalp and similar problems of the scalp. A flaky scalp is usually the result of stress, hormonal changes, pollution, unhealthy diet and a lack of necessary vitamins, excessive hot water bathing, a lack of moisture in the scalp or even excessive oil secretion or external usage (application) as the case may be and other such problems. As is evident, the causes of a flaky scalp are wide ranging and hence the symptoms of flaky scalp are equally numerous.

Dead Skin

The most obvious and the most common symptom is that of dead skin, or what is commonly referred to as flakes. These may be white, yellowish or flaky scales that are found stuck to the hair follicle or root on the scalp, usually in clusters. This is sometimes confused with dandruff, but that is not the case since these flakes are larger in size. It may point towards either seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psoriasis. Along with this flaky scalp, there are several other symptoms that usually appear.

Itchy Scalp

A redness or pink tinge to the affected regions of the scalp is common, and points towards excessive irritation and in some cases even swelling may be noted. An itchy sensation is not uncommon, and is in fact another characteristic symptom. But it must be kept in mind that scratching the scalp and attempting to satisfy the itch is not advisable as it worsens the condition and causes temporary relief but in the long run could lead to pain and inflammation.

Tight Scalp

Along with this there is also a tense or tight condition of the scalp that could be felt.

Dull Hair

Dull hair is also a symptom of such a flaky and itchy scalp. This is because due to the condition of the scalp, there is not enough circulation of water or adequate supply of sebum (that is, the oil that conditions the hair follicle) throughout the scalp, which causes a dry and lifeless texture to be present across the scalp. The hair is thus also affected adversely and is usually dry and dull in such cases.

These conditions may be treated effectively if diagnosed properly by a doctor. It is important to use shampoos that contain ketoconazole, salicyclic acid or tar. Furthermore, improving nutrient and vitamin intake will aid the process of recovery. Stress may also contribute to the situation, so it is important to counter the effect of any stressful activities through relaxing exercises, yoga or meditation. Sometimes this condition is inherited as there may be a family history of such a disorder. However, it is most important to add that such a condition is usually hard to cure, although, it is possible to contain or prevent it from spreading or arising recurrently through persistent treatment.



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