Sport a Fringe this Summer with Little Hair Care

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Jul 06, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • You can keep to the length long and yet give you a new dimension.
  • You can also experiment; a two-toned fringe for glamourous look.
  • The side-swept fringe is popular, because it provides a frame to the face.
  • A short and light fringe would suit very short hair and provide a balance.

Bangs and fringes are back. Everyone seems to be sporting a fringe. This trend has been on since the latter half of the last year. This year too, it is predicted that fringes will be very much in, whether long or short. However, one has to keep hair texture and facial shape in mind.

fringe hairstyleFringes are becoming popular, because it's a good way of giving a new look to the hairstyle. You can keep to the length of long hair and yet, give a new dimension to the hairstyle and the look. You can also experiment, with colour, by having a two-toned fringe and adding glamour to your look.


Maintaining fringes

It is quite difficult to maintain a fringe, because they grow fast and one has to keep getting them trimmed. When you go in for a fringe, you want it to be of a particular length. So you have to maintain the length. If the hair is curly or wavy, it is much more difficult to maintain, because one has to keep fringes or bangs straight as well, apart from the desired length. Blow-drying is also needed.


What suits whom?

Basically, fringes go best with straight hair. The side-swept fringe is popular, because it provides a frame to the face and suits most facial shapes. It also looks glamorous. The fringe can also be parted in the centre, to set off the face shape or the hairstyle. A typical fringe falls straight down, just above the eyebrows. I feel that face shapes matter, so one should have the fringe according to the face shape. Oval and long faces actually look good with a fringe. For a large face, a fringe is, in fact, a great option. The fringe can be very much a part of the rest of the hairstyle, which can cascade down in curls and waves, framing the face. A layered fringe can make a large or round face look slimmer. Short fringes suit most face shapes, especially small faces.

One can also go in for a light, wispy fringe. A short and light fringe would suit very short hair and provide a balance. A longer and wispy fringe would suit natural wavy hair. One can also go in for an asymmetrical fringe and have it swept to one side. Frizzy hair does not take to fringes. I feel fringes are a no-no for frizzy hair.


The hairy tale

As far as hair trends are concerned, the more natural look is back, with plenty of movement, more flowing, with a look of ease. The hair is not obviously structured. Straight hair with broken texture or jagged edges are out. Long hair, with cascading waves and curls, is in. The softer look is the current trend, with natural waves and curls, but in the lower half of the hair. Simplicity is the keyword, with straight partings for long hair. For the day, hair tied in a low pony tail with ribbons hanging loose is fashionable.

For short hair, the slightly tousled look is in fashion. Not, harsh or obviously structured, but rather a careless and casual look. The uniform curls, or straight cuts are out and the softly and naturally layered look is trendy. Where hair colour is concerned, subtle and more natural highlights are in vogue.



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