Smoking Damages Memory, rots Brain

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Nov 27, 2012

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Smoking Damages Memory rots Brain

Smoking causes decay to the brain by damaging memory, learning capability and logic and reasoning power, suggests a new study.


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The panel of researchers from the kings College at London conducted a series of brain tests and collected data on lifestyle and health of more than 50 people to analyse how smoking has affected their brain and health. It was concluded that smoking affects worse than high blood pressure or obesity.  The participants were examined again after the interval of four years and then eight years. The result remained same that smoking rots the brain causing lower scores in the brain tests.

The people whose memory and other cognitive capabilities experienced the greatest decline due to smoking were at the highest risk of heart attack or stroke.

Cognitive capabilities start fading with aging and disrupt the daily functioning and well-being of many people. Therefore, it is imperative to create awareness about the need to modify some lifestyle practices to prevent cognitive decline, said Dr. Alex Dregan, a researcher.


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