Skin deep Silicon implants for breast enlargement

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Apr 02, 2011

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breast surgeryToday, where looking good has become really important, everyone wants to make the best out of their looks. With plastic surgery gaining popularity, a number of people are indulging in plastic surgery to correct their imperfections. Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is one of the most popular surgeries.


A person can safely consider having breast augmentation if they are physically fit, have realistic expectations, who are bothered by the size of their breast or dissatisfied with the shape of their breast due to pregnancy, weight loss and aging, or if a persons breast fails to develop normally and varies in size or shape.
Breast augmentation, involves using implants to get a fuller breast in females or even to restore breast volume lost due to weight reduction or pregnancy. The implants can also be use for reconstructing breast after mastectomy or injury. The surgery can enhance your appearance by increasing fullness and projection of your breast, improve the proportion of your figure and enhance your self-image and self-confidence.


However it cannot correct severely drooping breasts. A breast lift may be required for sagging breasts in conjunction with breast augmentation.
Breast augmentation is a very safe procedure where silicon implants are inserted behind the muscle or breast tissue. The procedure takes only 2hrs and you can go back home the same day. Slight discomfort or feeling of increase in size will last for 48hrs. One can start their normal activity the next day. However, exertion needs to be avoided for a week. There is no hindrance in lactating or breast-feeding as the implants is inserted behind the muscle and no cutting is done on the breast tissue.
It does not have any side affects and it feels and moves much like a normal breast.


The implants are available in different sizes. One can choose a desired size according to your choice. The result is lasting and you will find it easier to wear certain types of clothing and swimwear.


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