Signs of a Troubled Marriage

Signs of a Troubled Marriage - Identifying the signs of a troubled marriage is the first step towards sorting out the problems. Here are some of the ways to know that your marriage is in trouble.

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DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jul 15, 2011
Signs of a Troubled Marriage

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An important indication of a troubled marriage is the unfamiliar behaviour of your spouse. If you feel that your partner is changing in a manner you can’t comprehend, then it’s time to reassess your relationship and look for signs of a troubled marriage.


Decreased Affection


Decreased intimacy and affection is a strong indicator of troubled marriagea. You may feel that the connection between the two of you is missing. The situation may arise due to many circumstances of leading a hard life, so it is important to put extra effort to bring back intimacy into your relationship.


A considerable decline in physical and emotional intimacy is the most obvious signal of trouble in a married relationship.


Communication Breakdown


Your spouse stops sharing information with you and looks for a friend to talk about the things of his/her life. Your television is constantly on, or both of you like to get involved in different activities for avoiding the serious issues in your marriage. Both of you are surely not willing to deal with the issues of your troubled marriage. These are definite signs of trouble in your marrige. Remember communicating can save your marriage. So keep on communicating!!


Change in Appearance


For some people, the comfort level of a relationship ends the desire to look excellent for their partner. But if there is a sudden and drastic change in the appearance and habits of your partner then there is reason to worry. It is a sign that your partner amy have found someone for whom they are willing to go the extra mile and look good.


Secretive Spouse


You notice that your partner is not comfortable sharing his/her thoughts with you. Secretive spouses are seen to be involved in careless and deceitful activities that can ruin your marriage.


Emotional and Verbal Abuse


Emotional and verbal abuse is one of the worst signs of troubled marriages. For avoiding further complications, these issues must be taken care of at an early stage. ‘Ugly words’ are not the only indication of abuse, they damage your self esteem and signify that your marriage is in trouble.


Extramarital Affair


If you find yourself looking for intimacy outside your relationship then surely your marriage is in trouble. Infidelity is never forgiven or forgotten by a spouse.  


Routine Arguments


If you find yourself arguing on the same issues again and again with no practical resolution then it’s time to reassess your marriage. Discuss the issue with your close friend or relative on whom you can rely on. You also seek help from a professional counselor. This will surely help your relationship.


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