Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Men

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Feb 15, 2012

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Man in depression

Recognising and understanding the signs and symptoms of depression in men is something everyone should be aware of. A high percentage of men with depression either don’t know they have the disorder or they are not getting the required treatment to aid their recovery. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of depression in men.

  • Consistently sad, anxious, of having a feeling of emptiness. Maybe the individual isn’t as loquacious as they normally are; they’re not practicing their normal tendencies or idiosyncrasies in their normal gung-ho manner.
  • They may have lost interest in activities which they usually had great time for, including sex. Their libido – or sexual drive – may have totally diminished.
  • Constantly finding them crying, or looking like they’re about to burst into tears.
  • Do they express feelings of guilt, helplessness, hopelessness or chronic pessimism?
  • Are they spending long hours in bed. Like sleeping in until very late on weekends, instead of getting up and having a productive day. They may be finding it difficult to face the world and their bedroom is providing the solace they need.
  • Has their appetite diminished? Are they playing a lot with their food and not finishing their meals, maybe leaving the table early? Has they gained weight or lost weight unexpectedly?
  • Have their energy levels exacerbated? Depression can leave the individual feeling run down and chronically tired.
  • Trouble concentrating or paying attention to simple conversations? The mind tends to wander to matters which are triggering the depression. It can be very frustrating trying to discuss something with a depressive person.
  • Other physical symptoms may include headaches, migraines, indigestion or other digestive disorders and chronic pain anywhere in the body.

There are many signs and symptoms of depression in men - as shown above - but they all carry a lot of weight in the diagnosis of depression. Everybody tends to be affected or behave differently, so some of these symptoms may affect some and not others.


You may be unaware that you are suffering yourself, but upon reading this you are a little wiser about your own situation. Maybe you should think about having yourself analysed by your doctor if you’re unsure of yourself. If you notice any of these symptoms in any of your friends, family or acquaintances, then it’s advised to have a brief chat with them about it as well.

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