10 Secrets Guys wish you Knew

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Dec 07, 2011

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10 Secrets Guys wish you Knew

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus!They are poles apart, but have been known to make long lasting relationships together. Undoubtedly, problems do arise. It all depends on how well we understand each other and honour mutual feelings and expressions. For instance, a guy and a girl might be going through a similar emotional phase. They are, however, likely to be different when it comes to catharsis. Referring to this list of 10 secrets guys wish you knew about them could perhaps help in bringing your man closer to you through effective understanding.


10 Secrets Guys wish you Knew


  1. Men find it immensely cumbersome to discuss feelings directly. Therefore, improvise your ways in such a way that you can indirectly express what they feel.
  2. Confessing your love through words may be simple for you, but not for your man. Instead, he may choose other ways to express his feelings such as by performing tasks you may appreciate.
  3. Remember that a commitment is a key for the man. He commits after much deliberation in order to remain dedicated for life. Make sure there are no loopholes in your commitment levels.
  4. Do not always expect verbal responses from your man. He may not keep nodding or voicing his affirmations. If he is quiet and pensive, he is probably listening intently and processing the information at the same time.
  5. Men believe in sharing pleasure rather than feelings for bond building. For instance, instead of talking at length, they might prefer a session of sex or sports together to make them feel closer to you.
  6. Men enjoy personal space. Therefore, they would not prefer you hovering around all the time. In fact, both of you should enjoy individual space to nurture  your hobbies .
  7. Men model their behaviour on their father’s. Make sure you know his dad well to understand him better.
  8. Unlike women, men do not carry too much baggage around. They prefer to forgive and forget much faster than women.
  9. Men may not be quite as alert with respect to subtle expression of feelings like women. For example, they might not notice facial expressions immediately when you are upset. It’s better to get vocal with men.
  10. It’s very important to appreciate your man’s efforts. Be it cooking skills or parenting efforts, appreciation will always motivate him to improve.


These 10 secrets guys wish you knew about them would ensure that your relationships remain rock solid through the years without any scope for unpleasant misunderstandings.


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