Remedies for Everyday Aches and Pain

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Jan 30, 2012

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“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding” said the famous poet, Khalil Gibran.

Why must one experience pain?

It may be hard to believe, but pain is a helpful feeling. Pain is a sensory mechanism of our body to draw attention to the fact that something is wrong that required fixing. Therefore, our everyday pain problems are mere signs that that the body needs attention. Reacting to these signals can provide instant relief and thereby, prevent further complications.

Feet ache

Even the most careful of us tend to ignore the most common ailments of feet.

  • While selecting footwear, comfort should be given importance over fashion.
  • For relief to aching feet, one must get off their feet for some time and rest them in an elevated position. This helps to move blood away from the swollen feet.
  • Feet massage can bust this pain.
  • Applying ice refreshes tired feet.
  • Running cold and hot water alternately, each for a minute has eases feet ache.
  • Soaking one’s feet in hot water with salt for some time soothes \the pain.


Blisters are caused by virtue of the rubbing of skin in the wrong way. They can be avoided by wearing right kind of shoes or gloves, especially, when doing rough work.

  • Existent blisters should be kept clean to prevent infection and be left alone for natural healing.


  • A nap, head massage, short walk or warm water bath can relieve headaches.

Migraine is the most painful type of headache.

  • Painkillers and Triptans (a class of drug that inhibits transmission of signals) are used to treat migraine. Aspirin (painkiller) is the most commonly used and easily available over-the-counter medicine.

Aspirin may or may not provide relief to all migraine patients and before its consumption, a specialist must be consulted.


Stomach aches are mostly caused by indigestion, constipation or stomach virus.

  • This type of stomach ache can be relieved by stopping the consumption of solid food and drinking clear fluid.
  • Antacid should be consumed to treat heartburns.
  • Laxatives (Isabgol) relieve constipation.

People suffering from frequent temporary stomach aches should observe their diet and consume food irrespective of whether they suit them or not.

  • Furthermore, spicy and fatty food should be avoided.

If these remedies do not provide relief, a doctor must be consulted to probe into the cause of pain, which may be serious.


Toothache, being the most unnerving of all pain, can be most commonly caused by dental cavity and gum disease. Oral hygiene is essential to prevent these. Dental cavity requires dental filling by a dentist.

  • This pain can be eased by avoiding very hot, cold, or sweet food as the tooth is more sensitive in to these factors.
  • Putting ice packs on the  jaw can also provide some relief from the ache.

Tongue burn

  • Tongue burns can be relieved by using ice and avoiding hot and spicy food.
  • Sugar and honey are known to sooth burned tongue.

Canker Sores

Ulcers in mouth known as Canker sores can cause severe mouth ache as long as they last. They result from trauma, lack of sleep, citrus fruits, weight loss etc.

  • This can be treated with a mixture of milk or magnesia and Benadryl allergy liquid medicine.

Such routine pain cannot be avoided, but can be understood, and diminished into something more endurable.



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