Reasons for Decreased Libido in Women

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Jul 25, 2012

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Lot of factors can affect a woman’s sex drive over the years. It often happens that some women are crossed with themselves, as they are at their wits’ end to about their decreased libido. Some health experts call the reduced libido in women so normal that disorder is not the right word for it. However, if the reasons for decreased libido in women are clear, treatment can still be possible.

Some common causes of low libido in women are:

  • Physical problems – Some of the common physical problems that can lead to low sex drive in women include insomnia, parenting pressures, pain during orgasm and similar problems. Breastfeeding after childbirth can lead to a drop in your level of oestrogen hormone which brings down your sex drive. At some point in their lives, almost 50 per cent of women experience tightening, thinning, drying and atrophy in the vagina and vulva. It can cause problems such as irritation, soreness, severe pain when having sex, increased urinary frequency as well as urgency, and itching. These tend to naturally take their mind away from sex.
  • Relationship issues – Problems in sexual performance of the partner, inadequate emotional satisfaction in the relationship, childbirth changing the relationship, or caring for a loved one are some relationship issues that have an effect on women’s sex drive.
  • Low testosterone level – Testosterone is a hormone that has an effect on the sex drive of both men and women. It tends to peak in a woman when she is in her mid twenties but steadily declines afterwards. This continues till menopause after which the decline is quite drastic.
  • Socio-cultural factors – Stress due to job, peer pressure, and negative stereotyping of sexuality in the media has an adverse impact on sexual desire.
  • Medical condition – Some diseases such as depression, endometriosis, thyroid disorders, fibroids, and the like can affect a woman’s libido. These disorders can affect her physically as well as mentally.
  • Side effects of medications – Some antidepressants such as the newly released SSRI drugs, blood pressure lowering drugs, oral contraceptives and others have an adverse impact on your sex drive in many ways. One of the major side effects from such medications is lowering of testosterone level and the blood flow.
  • Age – The level of androgens fall consistently in women with age. This coincides with their menopause.

If you have a medical condition, you can seek its treatment and get a remedy for your problem. Even if you do not suffer from a condition and yours is a case of a woman’s decreased libido that is natural, some techniques can help to bring your mood back. In any case, you first need to learn about the causes of low libido in women.



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