Radiation Exposure triggers DNA change

Radiation Exposure triggers DNA change - Overexposure to radiation might alter human DNA. Researches have been carried out that the effect of radiation emitted from cell phones and cell phone towers on DNA.

Arpita De
CancerWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: Jun 15, 2011
Radiation Exposure triggers DNA change

Dna bacteriaThe fact that human beings are surrounded by radiation is common knowledge. Multiple researches have been carried out to look at the effect of radiation emitted from cell phones and cell phone towers on DNA. It has also been established that growing radiation has led to the disappearance of insects such as butterflies from cities. However, the radiation from everyday appliances is hardly ever taken into account.


It has already been established that radiation from cell phones is carcinogenic in nature and they contribute to cancer in people. In fact a study conducted by Henry Lai in the University of Washington showed that radio frequency radiation damaged the brain DNA of rats that were used for the experiment.  Cell phones are being given considerable importance because of their consistent use and growing proximity.


All the appliances that we use have either radioactive or electromagnetic fields. Electric fields are shielded by walls or other matter but magnetic fields can cut across most matter. Radiation exposure form these fields can alter DNA. Washing machines, dishwashers, laptops, vacuum cleaners and even the seemingly harmless hair dryer emit electromagnetic waves. Although in isolation the radiation from these appliances might not cause significant DNA change, however, in conjunction they can pose a serious threat. Growing tissue and cell growth is most affected by radiation and this fact makes women during pregnancy, newborns and growing children most vulnerable to the risk of radiation.


They need of the hour is to therefore, protect those who are suspect to frequent radiation exposure and also continuous research in the field of cumulative effect of radiation and how it can trigger DNA change.