Prevent Acute Kidney Injury with Ultrasound Therapy

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Aug 03, 2013

ultrasound test being doneA study published in Journal of the American Society of Nephrology showed that a simple and non-invasive ultrasound based therapy might in fact prevent acute kidney injury that is commonly seen to arise after a major surgery.

Mark Okusa, MD, Joseph Gigliotti, PhD, University of Virginia and their colleagues had found that a drug free, noninvasive, ultrasound-based treatment could actually prevent kidney injury in mice. It is of course a matter of time before the researchers are sure about its effects on humans. The anesthetized mice were exposed to ultrasound with a routine clinical imaging system 24 hours prior to blood disruption to the kidneys. The mice were found to exhibit preserved kidney health after blood flow was restored.

The sham-treated mice in contrast exhibited a significant kidney injury. Then further analyses had revealed that this ultrasound treatment was likely stimulated an anti-inflammatory response that originated from the spleen and was also responsible for protecting the kidneys.

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