Preparing for Adoption

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Jul 29, 2011

Adoption can be a beginning of a wonderful relationship for you and the child who does not have secure and loving home. But before going for adoption there are certain things that you need to consider

  • Are you ready for this major responsibility?
  • Will you be a loving, adoptive parent?
  • Are you financially well placed to pay for the expenses of a child?
  • Can you love another's person child as your own?
  • The child may not look like you or your spouse, will this remind you or make you wish for your own child.
  • Will your family accept it?
  • Will you be able to love the child if he or she develops some deformity later?
  • If you have your own biological children will they accept it?

You may be motivated to adopt, as you may feel that it fulfills your need to have a child. People with biological children may think that it is a noble thing to do. But remember that if you cannot love and accept the adopted child as your own, you will be doing more harm than good to both yourself and the child. Children can be very difficult and very demanding. Behavior of a child cannot be predicted—the child may turn out to be exceptionally difficult and exceedingly mischievous. Will you be able to handle it? Before adopting talk to your spouse, family, and think deeply about the kind of person you are—as adoption is major and life long commitment.

Why do you want to adopt?

Before going for adoption you should consider the reason you want to adopt;

Are you looking for a person who will take care of you in old age? Now-a –days even birth children may not have time to look after you when you are old. They move out in pursuit of higher education, employment or independence. So expecting that the adopted child will live with you and look after you is unfair to the child. Adopted children have no more legal, moral, or any other responsibility than biological children. Adopt a child only if you want a child to love and care, and fulfill your emotional requirements than a person who will take care of you in old age.

Will your family accept and welcome the adopted child?

When a child is adopted, he or she becomes a member your extended family as well.

  • If you have your parents living with you will they be able to accept the child? If no then it can be very difficult for you and traumatic for the child.
  • Will your biological child accept your adopted child?

Many people tell and discuss with their family, friends, and other people before adopting. Some tell only after the child has been adopted. Whatever you do make sure that the child meets the other members of the family after he or she has become comfortable with the core family. Make certain that the other people of the family who meets him or her are loving and affectionate.


Musts before adoption


Before you complete the process of adoption

  • Obtain the child’s original birth certificate
  • You should have health and insurance coverage for everyone in your family, including the new child.
  • Make sure that the parental rights of the biological parents are terminated.                                                      
  • Read and join groups that can help you to adjust to the new member of the family

To tell or not to tell

A major dilemma for the adoptive parents is whether or not they should tell their child that he or she was adopted and is not their biological ...

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