Pregnancy With Diabetes: Know How Uncontrolled Diabetes In Pregnancy Can Effect Childbirth

Diabetes with pregnancy is often categorised as pre-existing and gestational diabetes that may cause problems during pregnancy

Jigyasa Nagpal
Written by: Jigyasa NagpalUpdated at: Jan 03, 2023 09:58 IST
Pregnancy With Diabetes: Know How Uncontrolled Diabetes In Pregnancy Can Effect Childbirth

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Not many people might know the association of Diabetes and Pregnancy, but there is. As it is, pregnancy comes with a lot of responsibility on the mother and the people associated- staying fit is one of them. While everyone is busy providing all the good and the best to the mother, one should also keep in mind the mother’s risks. Sometimes, the individual mother herself and relatives care about the baby a little more than the mother herself, which should not be done ideally. And considering diabetes is one of the leading lifestyle diseases that we all are prone to, we must keep that in check. The past decade has also seen the average age for bearing a child going up, making the mother and the child more susceptible to a disease like diabetes.


Dr Meghana Reddy, Senior Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, has provided her valuable comments and suggestions for pregnancy with diabetes-

  • Pre-existing Diabetes: Knowledge of pre-existing diabetes is always better for better planning of the baby and to avoid emerging complications. Control and management of diabetes is important before conception and pregnancy; this ensures healthy pregnancy and foetal growth, and easy delivery. 
  • Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes occurs during the pregnancy period. High blood sugar affects the health of mother and baby- gestational diabetes results from how cells use the sugar. This can be controlled by diet and regular exercise. Often, the case gets under control after delivery, yet the chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes are high. Thus, post-delivery, it is important to follow a proper diet plan and exercise.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes that can help you track the condition:

  • Increased thirst
  • Increased urge to urinate
  • Blurred vision
  • Yeast Infections


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Obesity & Pregnancy Increase Diabetes Risk – Dr Reddy 

Out of these, being obese affects the chances of diabetes and makes the case more complicated. Let’s see how-

  • Excess Birth Weight: Due to diabetes in mother, the born child can have a fair chance of putting additional weight
  • Breathing difficulty in the newborn is also possible
  • Low Blood Sugar: Also known as hypoglycaemia, can occur in babies. If the condition persists, seizures may also occur
  • Premature Delivery: The possibility of premature delivery increases a bit too
  • C Section Delivery: Where normal delivery is possible, diabetes may enhance the chances of Cesarean Delivery
  • Pre-eclampsia:  A severe complication such as pre-eclampsia that leads to high blood pressure
  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes: Due to mother’s history and if overweight, Babies have the risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life
  • Stillbirth: Gestational diabetes when left untreated can result in babies with stillbirth

How to Prevent Diabetes associated with Pregnancy?

First of all, knowing about diabetes related to pregnancy is a great way to handle and manage everything. While planning for a baby, one can get their sugar levels checked, to find the risk factor. And while during pregnancy, the gynaecologist can help monitor the sugar levels along with your and foetus general health to advise and treat you accordingly.


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From your end, the diet intake, pattern and weight should be managed well during pregnancy to avoid future issues. If needed, a dietician/ nutritionist can be taken help of, too.