Pregnancy Weight Gain and autism spectrum disorders in Kids linked

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Oct 29, 2013

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autism and pregnancy weight gainA new research has uncovered an association between autism spectrum disorders and a small increase in the amount of weight a mother gains during her pregnancy.

The study that was conducted at the University of Utah has identified an association between autism spectrum disorder risk and prenatal weight gain. This came into light after important related factors such as woman’s pre-pregnancy BMI were taken into account.

Deborah A. Bilder, M.D., lead author of the study said, "The risk of autism spectrum disorder associated with a modest yet consistent increase in pregnancy weight gain suggests that pregnancy weight gain may serve as an important marker for autism's underlying gestational etiology.” The small difference found in pregnancy weight gain and the association with autism spectrum disorders was found in two separate study groups. Researchers carried out the study by comparing the cases of 8 year olds living in Salt Lake Davis and Utah countries. They had also examined a second sample group of 288 Utah children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and had compared their data with that of unaffected siblings.

In both scenarios the pregnancy weight gain patterns obtained from birth certificate records were identified as a common factor in mothers who gave birth to children born with autism spectrum.

The research concluded that these changes in pregnancy weight gain and ASD may share the same underlying cause.

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