Now Head Transplant is a Possibility

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Jul 03, 2013

doctor examining human heads

An Italian scientist claims that now human head transplant is a possibility with the help of the latest advances in cell engineering. Dr. Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy has said that the research on this complicated surgery could see results in a matter of just two years.

The project would involve severing the heads of two human patients simultaneously with the help of ‘ultra-sharp blade’, cooling and flushing out if the ‘recipient’ head before actually attaching the new body with advanced polymer glue. This was reported by The Independent.

Dr. Canavero suggested that the realigning of the head and the body could also be achieved using ‘electrofusion’ in an approach which is somewhat close to Mary Shelly’s 18th century novel, ‘Frankenstein’.  The project has been based on a similar experiment on Rhesus monkeys in the 1970s in which the patient survived for eight days.

Canavero had further said, "The groundwork for the first successful human head transplant, as little as 10 per cent of descending spinal tracts are sufficient for some voluntary control of locomotion in man."

Canavero said that full and open research on the topic could bear fruit in just two years, and that the first patient should be someone young, with a fully-functioning brain, but suffering from "progressive muscular dystrophies or even several genetic and metabolic disorders".

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