New Device Can Detect Cancer in Ten Minutes

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May 28, 2013

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New Device Can Detect Cancer in Ten Minutes

A UK researcher claims to have developed a cheap, hand-held device that can detect disease such as TB, malaria, HIV infection or cancer in just 10 minutes. The Q-POC machine for diagnosis of disease, costing 500 pounds, can micro-analyse tumours and the genetic signatures of the disease before advising on the best type of drugs to use.

Jonathan O'Halloran hit on the ground-breaking idea of releasing DNA within a barely visible sample and making multiple copies to allow an accurate diagnosis, whether cancer mutations exist and which oncology drugs will work best.

The device is undergoing rigorous clinical trials and be used across the National Health Service (NHS) as early as next year.The first prototypes are in advanced trials and experts say they have the potential to prolong the lives of newly-diagnosed cancer sufferers and save the lives of millions with infectious diseases.

The invention is being developed by British company QuantuMDx Group in collaboration with Newcastle University.



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