Mosquitoes love biting Beer Drinkers

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Jul 18, 2013

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mosquito biting beer drinkerA new study has brought bad news for habitual beer drinkers, as it mentions that drinking just a single 354 milliliter of beer can make a person more attractive to insects.

This phenomenon was suspected by researchers as drinking raises the secretion of ethanol in sweat, or may be because it increases the body temperature. This is not to say that these factors correlated with mosquito landings on your skin thus making their affinity for drinkers a mystery. This was reported by The Washington Times.

It was also said that many other factors ranging from blood type, metabolism and pregnancy status to the levels of exercise you do and the carbon dioxide that is emitted do play roles. Furthermore, Smithsonian Magazine has mentioned how mosquitoes are capable of smelling lactic acid and other substances in sweat, and they go for bodies that have higher temperatures.

The insects also have an affinity for Type O blood twice as much as Type A and are also attracted to high levels of carbon dioxide and are capable of smelling the gas from 164 feet away.

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